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FAQ About BAC Tests

It can be very confusing to comply with the jumble of tests that officers administer if you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). However, the testing often begins ...
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FAQ About Breathalyzer Testing

Breathalyzer tests are some of the best-known methods of determining whether a person's blood alcohol concentration, BAC, is too high to operate a vehicle safely. However, there are specific ...
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Refuting DUI Evidence

One of the fundamental purposes of hiring or requesting an attorney who specializes in DUI law if you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol is to create a plausible ...
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FAQ About Non-Standardized Sobriety Tests

Non-standardized sobriety tests are the opposite of standardized tests, although the two are used for an identical reason. While standardized test results can be admissible in court, non-standardized ...
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FAQ About Standardized Sobriety Testing

Standardized sobriety tests are those tests that will most likely be admissible as evidence during the trial phase. They were created with the intention of allowing officers to determine probable ...
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