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Realities If You Are Convicted of OUI

You may be one of the hundreds of people who make the mistake of believing that a conviction is the end of an OUI case in the state of Maine. Operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, OUI, is a very serious offense, and carries life-altering consequences that could affect even your family for a very long time. The potential punishment can vary greatly between cases, depending on many different things.

There are a few basic realities that you have to face if you are convicted of an OUI in Maine. In this brief article, we will break down just a few of them, but if you have questions, comments, or concerns you should take them to a skilled OUI attorney for clarification. This article is designed to help you understand what you could be facing, and is not intended as a definitive conclusion to every case.

First, you are likely going to lose your driving privileges for some time, depending on certain factors in your individual case. Even a first offense often leads to loss of driving rights for a few months, and much longer for each subsequent conviction. It can be hard to keep a job if you cannot drive, and even your friendships can suffer from repeated requests for a ride to work.

Second, you may be forced to part with things of value if you are convicted, based on most of the same factors. This may include your money, time, vehicle, and some dignity as well. Fines, mandatory classes or rehabilitation, vehicle impoundment or addition of required ignition interlock device, and community service are common punishments for OUI crimes in this state.

Finally, you could face jail time for even a first OUI conviction in Maine, depending on the individual particulars in a given case. Fatalities, serious injuries, extensive property damage, aggravating factors, criminal history, and other factors could influence the judge's decision in this regard. This is just one of several reasons that contacting a professional OUI attorney is so important, since they understand these risk factors and can identify many more that you may never have considered.

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