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FAQ About License Reinstatement After OUI: Maine

Losing your driving privileges can be very frustrating to anyone, especially if you have trouble finding a ride to work, school, or for your social activities. There are many things to consider when the time for receiving those rights comes, and you may not be aware of the answers to several of your questions regarding license reinstatement in Maine. An OUI conviction is a serious matter, and the state treats it thusly, so the rules for getting to drive again are complicated and costly for most people. Here are a few questions that people frequently ask:

What's the first step in order to get to drive again after an OUI conviction in Maine?

This question can be answered differently for different people, depending on what was ordered in a particular case. You must satisfy all of the requirements set forth by the judge in your case, and your attorney can help you figure out what all of these are without problem for most people. If you did not have an attorney, you may want to consult with a professional OUI lawyer to help you determine what you need to do in your case.

Will I have to pay a lot of money to get my license back?\n\nMost people start with the basic $50 license reinstatement fee, but many other fees may be imposed in a given case in order to be allowed to drive again. For instance, you may have been ordered to pay a fine, restitution, or similar fee, and this will need to be paid first. In addition, if you were ordered to have an ignition interlock device, or IID, installed, this costs a lot of money. You will see the installation fee, monthly maintenance fees, and similar costs.

Do I have regular driving privileges like before my OUI conviction once I pay the fees?

For the most part, you will not have the same privileges. Most people are required to have a conditional license for at least the first year following license reinstatement, and others must carry this restricted license for years before receiving normal privileges. Remember that the OUI conviction will stay on your record forever, and for most people it can be a serious factor for at least ten years in Maine.

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