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SR-22 Car Insurance Rates

There are dozens of potential consequences for an OUI charge in the state of Maine, like most other states within the United States. Operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very serious offense, mostly due to the fact that it can cost so much in pain, suffering, death, and property damage if law enforcement officer's worst fears are realized. Although most people think about loss of driving privileges, jail time, and even monetary fines, your car insurance may also be affected by an OUI.

When you are finally permitted to have your driving privileges restored, you will likely need to have an SR-22, or Proof of Insurance Certificate, stating that you have auto insurance from a valid company. This type of insurance certificate is often somewhat costly, and the rates are significantly higher than for standard car insurance for a young person of the same age and with the same vehicle. That said, there are catches to this type of insurance.

First and foremost, a lot of companies will not offer SR-22 coverage. They are expensive, and risky for the insurance provider. They technically mean that you are a risk-taking driver, and that the probability of an accident is higher for you than for someone who does not have an OUI. For that reason, it can be tricky just to find someone who will offer the company.

Second, some insurance companies have the right to just drop you from their coverage when the OUI is discovered, due to the high level of risk they take in insuring you. While this is not likely, it is still as much a possibility as is the OUI not being discovered. Do not count on this, and if you do get caught without the SR-22 but with an OUI on your record, you could get in serious trouble with your insurance provider.

Finally, remember that an OUI can stay on your record for a very long time, depending on how many offenses of that nature that you have. First offenses may stay on your record for as long as five years after the conviction, whereas subsequent offenses could last for the rest of your life.

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