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If you are a diabetic and you were arrested for a DUI, you may have been wrongly charged. Now, the key word is may. Many different factors come into play for diabetics. There are two states that a diabetic needs to be concerned about: hypo and hyperglycemic. Hyperglycemia occurs when there are very high levels of glucose coursing through the blood. This can lead to extreme thirst, constant urination, abdominal pain and if left untreated, eventually death.

We are mainly concerned with hypoglycemia in an OUI. †When alcohol is consumed in the absence of food or when too much alcohol is consumed, a hypoglycemic episode can occur. Hypoglycemia is diabetic state where there is not enough glucose in the blood because alcohol will inhibit the production of glucose from the liver. In addition, a hypoglycemic condition may easily be mistaken by a police officer as signs of intoxication as a person who is in a hypoglycemic state appears intoxicated.

Another serious side effect of the hypoglycemic state is the acetone produced on the breath that is quickly converted into ketones. These ketones on the breath are totally indistinguishable from the alcohol on the breath from the lungs, which is the true measurement of a person's blood alcohol content. What happens is is that the Intoxilyzer cannot distinguish between ketones and alcohol so it lumps them together in one BAC calculation. Therefore, you may be under the legal limit but the machine penalizes you for the ketones on your breath. Since the police officer thought you were drunk in the first place, the BAC print out from the Intoxilyzer merely confirms his suspicions. The result is a charge of DUI. When that happens, you're going to need a good lawyer to sort things out. Pick up the phone and call my office if you are a diabetic who was charged with DUI, OUI or DWI in Maine or New Hampshire.

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