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Felony DUI trial victory

I just finished a grueling trial last week on a felony DUI. My client had been accused of DUI and refusing to submit to a breath test as well as stealing a car. My kid was looking at at least 2.5 ...
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1st offense DUI. No big deal right?

1st offense DUI penalties. No big deal right? WRONG! Once you get that first DUI conviction, you have set the table for the nightmare scenario… a 2nd offense DUI. The best preventative medicine ...
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Maine DUI trials - does the chemist have to testify?

In a Maine DUI case involving a blood test or a drug test, the State must produce the chemist who tested the blood or urine for alcohol and drugs. Recent US Supreme Court case law mandates that the ...
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Maine DUI & Diabetes

If you are a diabetic and you were arrested for a DUI, you may have been wrongly charged. Now, the key word is may. Many different factors come into play for diabetics. There are two states that a ...
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Maine OUI - Blood Test

Blood testing in Maine is serious business. Having a blood sample drawn following your arrest is a traumatic experience. When you are arrested for DUI in Maine, a police officer has the right to ...
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Maine DUI - the New Law

DUIs in Maine just got a makeover. Instead of the old standard of having to relate the amount of alcohol in the breath to the amount of alcohol in the blood (that's what we really care about ...
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“Thank you for all your help with my OUI. When we first met I was resigned to the “fact” that I was going to be convicted of an OUI and would lose my military career over it. I must say that I was quite surprised, shocked even, when you called me personally to tell me that you'd gotten the OUI dismissed. I can't thank you enough for all that you did. Please extend my thanks to Ann as well. She is a fantastic assistant. She always took the time to speak with me and always made me feel better with her kind words. All the best to you and thank you again.”

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