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You or someone you are close to has been arrested for a DUI or BUI (boating under the influence) crime. It may be a first, second or third offense DUI, an incident involving an underage individual or a felony DUI, such as vehicular manslaughter. The latest Biddeford statistics show 4 fatalities in a year caused by drunk driving, and the police want to see to it that those accused of any DUI offense be strongly prosecuted. You may have heard that DUI penalties can be harsh. If you drive for a living, you are aware that a commercial DUI conviction can cost you your job and limit employment opportunities in the future. What do you do now? Do you feel that you need a DUI attorney but aren't certain what qualifications to look for? The Law Office of William T. Bly is here to provide committed and skilled help, just as we have assisted many others who have been in the same situation as yours.

There are a multitude of areas such as divorce, business, personal injury and bankruptcy in which an attorney can practice law. Some law firms offer services in a wide range of areas of the law, but we are focused strictly on criminal law, including DUI. Our focus on this one area of law means that we have gained a great deal of knowledge about what actions to take in a DUI case. We know the strategies that can spell success. A divorce lawyer would not understand complex business law and a bankruptcy attorney would likely fail at personal injury cases. In your situation, you want an attorney who practices the law in DUI cases and understands how to protect individuals who are accused of DUI/DWI/OUI offenses. We focus solely on criminal defense and in your case, on the effective challenging of DUI evidence. We don't take other kinds of cases or practice other types of law. When we meet to review your arrest and charges, the Biddeford lawyer from our firm is someone with the knowledge and experience needed if you hope to get a positive result in your case.

Favorable Decisions in DUI Cases

In order to obtain favorable decisions on behalf of our clients, we have made a point of obtaining special training and education on areas which are the heart and soul of DUI defense. The lead attorney from our firm is certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician, one of the few lawyers to be so recognized by the United States Department of Transportation. This can prove vital when a breath test is used as the basis for your arrest and the criminal case against you. The key element in a successful defense case could include a challenge of the breath test evidence.

The lawyer from our firm who represents you through the DUI process will be an lawyer who is qualified to practice and instruct others on the standard field sobriety tests that are sanctioned by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Commonly, these tests are used by the police to demonstrate that you are intoxicated and this is then followed by an arrest. What if the tests themselves are incorrectly administered? Was the officer properly trained on the standard application of these tests, and did he or she observe your responses accurately? Additionally, were there other physical or mental reasons that made you unable to perform the tests? An experienced lawyer, one who has been through these types of situations before, will know to ask these and other questions to aggressively raise doubt as to your guilt and the reliability of the evidence against you.

If you were asked to undergo blood testing, it is important that you know we have gone as far away as San Diego to attend and pass an extremely demanding course on forensic blood and urine testing in DWI cases. There are specific protocols which have to be followed exactly in order for a blood test to be used as valid evidence. Your attorney needs to know these procedures as good as or even better than law enforcement or a prosecutor, in order to take advantage of any mistakes that are made.

We have successfully resolved DUI offenses to do with high breath test cases, aggravated DUI, those which resulted in accidents and injury, OUI and drugs, DWI cases where blood tests were utilized and others. It does not concern us if you are charged with drunk driving, an out of state DUI, child endangerment in a DWI case or leaving the scene of an accident. Our concentration is only on what is needed to resolve your case is the best manner possible.

Contact a Biddeford DUI attorney from our office to find out what an attorney whose sole focus is criminal defense can do to assist you.

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“Thank you for all your help with my OUI. When we first met I was resigned to the “fact” that I was going to be convicted of an OUI and would lose my military career over it. I must say that I was quite surprised, shocked even, when you called me personally to tell me that you'd gotten the OUI dismissed. I can't thank you enough for all that you did. Please extend my thanks to Ann as well. She is a fantastic assistant. She always took the time to speak with me and always made me feel better with her kind words. All the best to you and thank you again.”

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