PhD Doctoral Candidate, Wade Charnock

Mr. Bly is a superb lawyer! He is without a doubt one of the finest criminal defense lawyers in the state of Maine. He handled my son's case with sincerity and professionalism, and the results, "All Charges Dismissed!" If you need a defense attorney, he is simply remarkable. My son and I both consider William Bly as not just our attorney, but as our friend. We both owe him a debt of gratitude! I urge you to make that call if you need legal help! A Big, Big, Thank-you to William Bly! Should consider changing his name to Winner Bly as all he does is win, win, win for his clients!

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Here at The Law Office of William T. Bly, we provide professional and aggressive criminal defense representation that exceeds the expectations of our clients and secures their freedom and their future.

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What distinguishes our firm from the numerous law firms throughout the state is that we genuinely care about the well-being of our clients. Because Attorney Bly is a sole practitioner, every client receives hands-on and personalized attention from Attorney Bly and our staff throughout the entirety of their case.