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Getting legal representation from an aggressive Bath DUI lawyer from Law Office of William T. Bly provides you with benefits that you won't find with many other law firms. We concentrate only on criminal defense and do not practice other types of law. This exclusive focus has given us the experience and knowledge you need if you have had a first or multiple DUI arrest, an underage DWI, been accused of leaving the scene or been involved in an out of state or felony intoxication charge. With the opportunities for boating in and around Bath, we also resolve cases for those accused of boating under the influence, or BUI.

No matter the DUI, DWI or OUI crime you have been charged with, it is only through determined challenging of DUI evidence that a positive result can occur in your case. A lawyer who has not practiced DUI law, does not understand the DUI process or who is not truly interested in your case, will not have the experience in finding the best defense strategy to bring to court. We have a great deal of knowledge of the types of challenges of evidence that can gain an advantage against police evidence and a committed prosecutor. Law enforcement relies almost solely on field sobriety tests and/or blood and breath tests to arrest and convict you. It only makes sense that your attorney be trained on these same procedures. In many instances this is not the case.

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When a lawyer from our firm takes on your case, he is one of small number of attorneys to be recognized by the United States Department of Transportation as a certified Breath Alcohol Technician. You will be represented by a legal professional who is qualified to practice and instruct others in the standard field sobriety tests that meet with the requirements of the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Commonly, your defense will know as much or even more than a police officer about the errors that can be made in breath or field sobriety tests. We know how to identify the flaws, and how to engage in a dedicated defense effort to achieve a favorable outcome to your case.

You will also be defended by an attorney who has attended and passed a demanding course on forensic blood and urine testing in DWI cases given in San Diego, California. Not many lawyers in Portland are going to be able to state that they have made it through this course.

Our lead attorney also has the distinction of being one of just two attorneys to be selected in 2012 as a Rising Star in DUI defense by New England Super Lawyers Magazine. This honor was among lawyers from 6 New England states.

Bath DUI Attorneys

Our unique training and experience begins to matter most when DUI penalties are discussed. It is a regrettable mistake to think that an arrest for drunk driving is not really that important. We have successfully defended individuals accused of many types of DUI offenses including DUI and drugs, cases where blood was drawn, high breath test cases, incidents with accidents and injury, aggravated DWI and more. We know the life changing punishments that our clients avoided. On the other hand, if you are found guilty of a DUI crime it is now part of your permanent criminal record and your driving history. It will be with you no matter where you go, and can have a negative impact on your future employment and other important areas of your life. It is not something that you can prevent people from discovering. You may have to enroll in an SR-22 program and your conviction will cause your insurance rates to go up drastically. In some cases, you may not be able to get insurance.

A suspended driver's license is a certainty in any DUI case, especially ones involving child endangerment issues, a second or third offense, vehicular manslaughter or other serious circumstances. Many of us absolutely depend on our vehicles to get back and forth to work or school and other vital activities. Your license can be suspended from 90 days up to 6 years or more unless legal actions are taken to challenge the case or to negotiate a reduction of the period of license suspension.

Fortunately, many DUI cases can be successfully challenged. Unlawful police stops, mistakes in law enforcement procedures and errors by prosecutors may lead to your charges being dismissed or reduced or an acquittal at trial. You must, however, have an attorney who can identify and utilize the weaknesses in the case against you. Our head attorney served as an intern prosecutor for the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office in Portland, Maine. This knowledge of how police gather and compile evidence and prosecutors prepare their cases can prove invaluable when it comes time to protect your rights and freedoms.

Contact a Bath DUI attorney from our firm to learn how high-level training in DWI and OUI defense can help to resolve your drunk driving case.

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